KCS - How To Start Yearly Matter Numbering at "1"


  • Current Matter Numbering is set to Matter Numbering (Per Year)/Yearly Matter Number, but not starting at 00001


  • Clio Web Apps

Additional Information:

If Yearly Matter Numbering is not starting at 1, you may have Matters from the previous year with an Open Date in the current year. These Open Dates need to be adjusted to completely resolve the issue.


  1. Create your first Matter in the new year
    • Example: Create your first new Matter in 2018
  2. Navigate to Settings (gear icon)
  3. Click Practice
  4. Click Matter Numbering
  5. Confirm that you currently have [yearly matter number] and [open date yy] or [open date year] within your current Settings
  6. Once confirmed, click Open in the Matter Number Override section at the bottom of the page
  7. In the Matter field, enter the Matter Number of the first Matter of the year that you created in Step 1
  8. In the New Matter Number field, Type "1"
  9. Click Update (Green Button)
  10. Go the the main Matters tab
  11. Click the All subtab
  12. Click Export at the bottom of the page and select Export All Columns
  13. Export as a .CSV
  14. Open the .CSV file on your local desktop
  15. Review the Matter Open Date column for any Matters from the previous year that have an Open Date in the current year
  16. Return to Clio and Edit the Open Date for all Matters from the previous year with the incorrect Open Date
  17. Save Matter changes
  18. Create a new Matter and confirm that it is populating the correct Matter number
  19. If not, repeat steps 10 - 17


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