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How to Add Funds to a Client's Operating Account Balance


  • Record Operating Funds for a Client/Matter in the Operating Account
  • Record pre-payment
  • Add New Transaction to Operating Account


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • UK Users: Please note, Clio Account Reconciliation features enable UK lawyers to operate under the requirements of the Solicitors Regulations Authority in England and Wales
  • Operating account balance is not visible on matters dashboard. You have to go to the matter dashboard and then click on Transactions subtab>Select the relevant Operating account to view its current balance.
  • Operating account balance will not be considered as Revenue in Clio until it has been applied to pay a bill. It is recommended to always apply and exhaust recorded operating account balance on client bills.


  1. Go to the Client/Matter details page
  2. Click the Transactions subtabScreen_Shot_2022-07-13_at_11.40.04_AM.png
  3. Click the Drop-Down Menu
  4. Ensure the Operating account is selected
  5. Click New TransactionScreen_Shot_2022-07-13_at_11.41.47_AM.png
  6. Enter the Funds in the Amount field
  7. Fill out other fields as needed
  8. Record TransactionScreen_Shot_2022-07-13_at_11.44.56_AM.png


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