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What Does Billing Rate Visibility do?


  • What is Billing Rate Visibility


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Additional Information:

If you want to restrict a user's access to rate/billing information, then also remove permissions for Billing and Reports or they will be able to see that information there.

When viewing the main activities tab, users with no billing rate visibility will only be able to see the total hours and hours of each individual time entry. The users will also be able to see the total and individual amount for expenses, but they will not see the total value of time entries.

Your Billing Rate Visibility might be set to Limited or None. Ask an Account Administrator to go to Settings -> Manage Users -> Edit for your user, and update the Billing Rate Visibility Settings to All.


A user's Billing Rate Visibility affects their ability to see billing rates when adding Time Entries. There are three options:

All: The user can see their rate as well as the rate of any users in the firm, along with the total for time entries.

Limited: The user can only see their own rate.

None: The user can not see any rates or totals for time entries, nor will they see the Billing Preferences option when editing a Matter or Contact

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