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How Do I Enter a Mileage Expense?


  • Record travel expense
  • Expense with a rate
  • Enter multiples of the same expense entry
  • Add quantity to the expense entry
  • Expense Categories for mileage


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • The same method may be used for photocopying charges, or any Expense where entering a quantity and rate is needed.


First, create an Expense Category to record your mileage expense with (please note this first set of steps only needs to be done the first time you are setting this up, after which this Expense Category will be available to use whenever you are entering an Expense in the future):

  1. Go to Activities then Manage Categories
  2. Click Expense Categories
  3. Click New Category
  4. Name your Expense Category. 
  5. Specify the Rate
  6. Choose the Category Type
  7. Choose the Expense Type (Hard Cost vs. Soft Cost)
  8. Click Save Category 

Then, enter the Expense for the appropriate Matter:

  1. Click Add expense
  2. Input the appropriate details, including the Expense Category and the Quantity fields
  3. Click Save entry


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