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KCS - How Do I Enter a Mileage Expense?


  • Record travel expense
  • Expense with a rate


  • Clio Web App

Additional Information:

The same method may be used for photocopying charges, or any Expense where entering a quantity and rate is needed.



  • Enter the Expense as a flat rate amount and in the description explain the breakdown. For example if the client is being charged 15 miles (15 X 0.54 = $8.10). You would enter the Expense for $8.10 and in the description section input (15 X 0.54 = $8.10).


  • If you want to show the number of miles x the rate in the Quantity and Rate fields on the Bill:
    1. Generate a Bill with the flat rate Expense
    2. Edit the Draft Bill
    3. Change the Quantity and Rate


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