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How can I Report on or find an Overpayment?


  • Find overpayment
  • Show overpayments
  • Locating overpayments 
  • Is There a Report that shows if I Owe Money to Any Clients?
  • I want to know if any clients have overpaid so I can refund them


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • If you generate the Invoice Payments Report, you can search the page for overpayments by using the function CRTL+F (Windows) or COMMAND+F (MAC) and typing "overpayment" in the search field. Using the search function will highlight the searched word within the page. 
  • More information about the Invoice Payments Report can be found here.
  • More information about the Client Ledger Report can be found here.


The Invoice Payments Report will show you when an overpayment has been applied to an Invoice (you will see lines for 'Overpayment' in the Transaction column of this Report where overpayments have been applied). You can use this Report to find out which overpayments your Clients made to which Bills.

The Client Ledger Report will show you the current balance of the Clients Operating Account, which will show as an amount greater than 0 if your Client has overpaid a Bill and has an outstanding credit.

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