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Can I have the Office 365 Sync and Google Sync Enabled at the Same Time?


  • Contacts and Calendar Sync
  • Linking Office 365 and Google to Clio
  • Can I sync both Google and Outlook Calendars
  • Can I have two contact sync going at the same time


  • Clio Manage
  • Office 365
  • Google

Additional Information:

  • We do not recommend having two contact syncs going at the same time as that can create duplicate contacts 


You are only able to link one Clio Calendar with one Calendar Sync, so you will not be able to sync both a Google Calendar and an Office 365 Calendar simultaneously.

However, you are technically able to have a Contact syncs with both Google and Office 365, but we do not recommend having two Contact syncs occurring at the same time as that will likely create duplicate contacts.

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