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How do I Void an Invoice with a $0 or Negative Balance?


  • Determine if you can void an invoice that has had a 100% discount applied
  • Can I Void a Bill With a 100% Discount Applied?
  • Delete Discounted Bill
  • Edit fully Discounted Bill
  • Void a $0 Bill
  • Delete bill with a negative balance
  • Void Bill with Negative Balance
  • Accidental approved a Bill with a $0/£0 amount
  • Void a Bill with a $0/£0 amount due
  • Void a Paid Bill
  • Delete a Paid Bill


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

It is possible to Void a Bill if the $0.00 balance is the result of a payment or partial payment. For more information on voiding paid Bills, click here

To edit a $0.00 bill we would need to void the bill then regenerate it. 


Yes, you can void an invoice with a $0 balance if it is a result of a 100% discount or $0 Time Entry, provided no payments have been applied:

  1. Go to the Billing tab, or Bills sub-tab of the Matter/Client
  2. Navigate to the Paid sub-tab (in the Matter Bills or general Billing tab)
  3. Locate the Bill, but do not click on it
  4. Select the drop-down arrow next to Send (Under the Actions column) 
  5. Click Void bill
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