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My Matters Are Open/Pending/Closed When I Didn't Expect Them To Be


  • Matters in an unexpected State
  • Matters changing themselves


  • Clio Manage

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There are a few possible causes for this:


  1. A user in the account may have changed the Matter's state. To check this:
    1. View the Matter
    2. Look at the Timeline for "<User> updated a matter <Number of Matter>"
  2. A 3rd party integration, such as Zapier, may have updated the Matter State. To determine which 3rd party integration may have done this:
    1. For each user of the Clio account go to Settings
    2. Click on Apps
    3. Look at the list of Authorized Apps (they will appear before Agilelaw)
  3. A user in the account may have changed multiple Matters' states at once. 


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