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KCS - Which Training Webinars Should I Watch to Get Started With Clio?


  • Clio Onboarding
  • New Clio Users


  • Clio App

Additional Information:

If you are new to Clio, the following Training Webinars will help get you Started with Clio


1. Setting Up Your Account for Success

This Webinar will walk through how to best set up a new Clio account to better enable you to efficiently work with the Clio tool. During this session we will cover Managing Users, Billing Templates, Billing Rates, Permissions, and Bank Accounts. Getting these setup will allow you to better customize and make use of your time in Clio.

2. Getting Started with Clio

This training webinar will cover the core fundamentals of Clio: Contact and Matter management, Timekeeping, Billing, Documents and Navigation tips. Ideal for anyone that is new to Clio, training a new employee, or if you need a refresher on the basics.

3. Billing Bootcamp

This billing-focused webinar will go over the entire billing process, including generating bills, the approval process, paying bills (including Trust), settings, tips and tricks, and best practices. Join this session to improve your workflow, or gain efficiencies, with billing in Clio.

4. Live Training Webinars

Sign up for our fully interactive Live Training Webinars featuring a variety of topics.

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