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What Columns are Included in the Bills Export?


  • Understand which columns will be available when exporting Invoices to Excel


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Bills can be exported in CSV format.


New Clio

  • number (Invoice ID)
  • state (Draft, Pending Approval, Awaiting Payment, Paid, Void)
  • due_at (Due Date)
  • issued_at (Issue Date)
  • pending (Pending Clio Payments)
  • due (Amount Due)
  • paid_at (date of most recent payment)
  • paid (total amount paid)

Previous Clio

  • Invoice ID
  • State
  • Due Date
  • Issue Date
  • Client
  • Matter
  • Balance (Amount Due)
  • Total
  • Last Payment On
  • Type (Invoice or Trust Request)
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