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How to Handle a Trust Account Refund with Clio Payments


  • Reflect a refund from Trust when a Clio Payment was recorded and completed on a Trust Request
  • Refund a Trust/IOLTA secure payment link


  • Clio Manage
  • LawPay

Additional Information:

Payments on Trust Requests cannot be edited, or deleted in Clio. If a payment has not been completed, it can simply be voided. Otherwise, it will need to be refunded through LawPay. You will then have to update your trust account balances manually by disbursing funds.

For more information on why payments on Trust requests can not be edited, please see here.

This article covers refunds of payments on Trust Requests and Clio Payments to the Trust account using the Secure Payment Link. Refunds on payments for Bills can be done in Clio.


  1. Follow the LawPay instructions here to process the refund
  2. Navigate back to Clio
  3. Navigate to the Transactions tab of either the Client or Matter
  4. Select the trust account from the drop-down
  5. Select the Disburse Funds button
  6. Enter in the amount being refunded within the Amount field
  7. Populate the remaining fields as needed
  8. Select the Record Transaction button


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