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Send Automated Emails From Your Personal Email Address

Clio's sender email address personalization feature gives you the option of sending some emails from your own email address instead of from Clio's auto-generated alias Once you enable this feature, clients will be able to recognize the sender and reply to you directly if they have any questions. 

Note: When this feature is turned on, some automated emails sent from will be sent from your firm email address. This includes bill emails, calendar events, access granted emails, client portal message emails, Clio Payments bill sharing, email change, task notifications, and user invitation emails. See this article for an exhaustive list.


Turning on this email personalization feature has the benefit of:

    • Personalizing and improving the client experience by providing clients with a frictionless communication path. 
    • Greater visibility on important client communications by seeing sent bills, bill reminders, and attachments in both Clio Manage and your "sent" mailbox folder.
    • Better bill deliverability (you get an immediate notification if a bill bounces back or is blocked) and improvement in the firm's collection rate.
    • Greater peace of mind when clients get bills from a sender they recognize and trust.
    • Easier two-way communication for sensitive financial communications.
    • Opportunity to reinforce your firm's brand through consistence personalization. 

How to enable email personalization

The email personalization feature requires a Microsoft or Google hosted email address. Once enabled, automated billing emails—approvals, creation, sharing, client automated reminders, and client outstanding balance—from Clio Manage will be sent from your own email address. 

Did you know? You can easily file emails, threads, and attachments and add billable or non-billable time entries with Clio's Outlook Add-in and Gmail Add-on.

Read through this article on the Outlook Add-in or this article on the Gmail Add-on for more details about the integrations. 

To enable the email personalization feature:

  1. In Clio Manage go to Settings > Apps.
  2. Select either Microsoft or Google, depending on which email address you want to send personalized notification emails from.
  3. Connect your email account. For Microsoft click Connect. For Gmail click Connect with Google.
  4. Follow the sign in directions.
  5. Automated Clio Manage emails will now be sent from your own email address. 
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