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Why Do My Taxes Come Over to Quickbooks Online as Line Items?


  • Tax items from Clio are coming as line items into Quickbooks online
  • Does Vat sync to QuickBooks?
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Additional Information:

  • To combine each tax into a single line item, go to your QuickBooks Online sync settings in Clio and check "Aggregate line item taxes on QuickBooks Online invoice".
  • US Customers: We DO NOT sync Tax to the Sales Tax Center. It comes over as an individual line item that needs to be mapped to an appropriate Product or Service.
  • Canada & EMEA Customers: Clio Manage can import sales tax rate(s) from non-US versions of QuickBooks Online to perform sales tax calculations. Please see the Mapping Tax Rates (Non-US) section. 


US Customers:  Clio does not currently integrate with the US version of QuickBooks Online's Sales Tax Center. Instead, Clio applies tax as Line Items in the Bill. 

For Canadian & EMEA Customers: Clio Manage integrates with non-US version of QuickBooks Online's Sales Tax Center.  Please see the Mapping Tax Rates (Non-US) section on how to set this up. Once configured, Clio will update the corresponding tax field in QBO instead of creating a separate line item for taxes 



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