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Legalist provides litigation financing for litigation expenses, attorney’s fees, and settlement advances.

Legalist provides funding for litigation costs, attorney’s fees, and advances on settlements. Whether you are looking for expert witness costs or an advance on money already awarded in a judgment, Legalist helps bridge the gap.

By connecting Legalist to Clio, you can select your Matters for financing. Financing approval will then take about two weeks. Upon approval for litigation financing, you can receive up to $500,000 that will be wired to you within a week. 

Legalist funding is non-recourse, meaning you pay nothing if you lose your case; and all applications are free.


Connecting Legalist to Clio
     Select Your Cases
Learn More About Legalist

Connecting Legalist to Clio

To submit your Matters for financing, visit the Legalist Integrations page to first connect your Clio account.

Click on the "Apply Via Clio" button to open a new window prompting you to log in to your Clio account. 


After logging in to Clio, click the "Yes, Let's Connect" button to authorize Legalist to access your Matters.


Select Your Cases

A Legalist Expedited Application Window will now open. Select your name from the list (if you are at a law firm with more than one attorney, make sure that you select the appropriate name).


Finally, Select the Matters that you would like to be considered for financing. All civil litigation Matters are eligible for financing.



Once you have submitted your Matters for financing approval, you will receive an email confirmation from Legalist verifying your application; and within 24 hours, you will be notified if your Matters qualify.

Learn More About Legalist

For more information about how Legalist financing works, check out their FAQ

If you still have questions about Legalist, you can contact them directly by calling 857-242-6529, or email

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