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FAQ: Redesigned Tasks Experience

What is the redesigned Tasks experience?

We are in the process of releasing a redesigned version of the Tasks experience. This includes an update to the user interface that is more in-line with the rest of Clio Manage, and other overall improvements.

What changes can I expect?

Milestone One: Complete

The first milestone included redesigning the experience of creating a new task from the 'Create new' button. Upon clicking 'Create task', the task creation modal now hovers over the page you are on instead of redirecting you to the Tasks page. In this milestone, creating a task from anywhere else in Clio Manage (tasks page, matter sub-tab, dashboard) will not have the updated design.

Milestone Two: Complete

In milestone two, the task table accessible via the tasks tab and matter sub tab has been redesigned.

Completed at column: An additional column is available for users who want to view ‘Completed at’ date. This date will represent the date the tasks got marked as complete. This can help users compare task due dates with completion dates within the Completed task section.

Related client: All tasks users can now see related clients, with the matter column, when a task has a matter associated with it.

Quick filters: Users can use quick filters to view tasks due today, due tomorrow, due this week, past due (overdue) or no due date.

As we continue to work on the project, we will be redesigning the task lists feature, task types, and email notifications.


Milestone 3: Complete
In milestone three, the task lists page and task templates page have been redesigned.
Here are the improvements you can expect: 

Assign from matter subtab: Users can now assign a task list directly from the tasks matter subtab. 


Duplicate task lists: Users can easily duplicate task lists, updating the name and task templates as needed. 


Sort by due date: Tasks within a task list can now be sorted alphabetically and by due date. 


Which users on my account will get access to this functionality?

Once the new functionality has been enabled for your firm, all users on your account will have access to the redesigned Tasks experience in their Clio account.

How do I share my feedback?

All feedback, both positive and negative, is encouraged and welcomed. Feedback can be given using this Google Form

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