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FAQ: Redesigned Tasks Experience

What is the redesigned Tasks experience?

We are releasing a redesigned version of the Tasks experience. This includes an update to the user interface that is more in-line with the rest of Clio Manage, and other overall improvements.

What changes can I expect?

In this first milestone, the experience of creating a new task from the 'Create new' button has been redesigned. Upon clicking 'Create task', the task creation modal will hover over the page you are on instead of redirecting you to the Tasks page. For milestone one, creating a task from anywhere else in Clio Manage (tasks page, matter sub-tab, dashboard) will not have the updated design.

As we continue to work on the project, we will be redesigning the tasks page, task lists feature and task categories. 

Will I be notified before changes are made to my account?

You will be notified by an in-app pop-up a day or two before we enable the feature for your account.

How do I share my feedback?

All feedback, both positive and negative, is encouraged and welcomed. Feedback can be given using this Google Form

Which users on my account will get access to this functionality?
Once the new functionality has been enabled for your firm, all users on your account will have access to the redesigned Tasks experience in their Clio account.

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