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Why Didn't My Contact's Mailing Address Sync over to Quickbooks Online?


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  • Clio Manage
  • Quickbooks Online

Additional Information:


If other information for the Contact has synced over to Quickbooks Online but the mailing address did not, the address in Clio Manage will need to have its Address Type changed. 

Addresses in Clio and QuickBooks Online will be matched up as follows:


Clio Manage   QuickBooks Online
Address (Work)  >  Shipping Address
Address (Billing)  >  Billing Address



You can edit the Address in Clio Manage to have a Work or Billing Type and it will then sync over to Quickbooks Online. Please note it can take up to five minutes for the sync to occur.

Please follow these steps to update the Contact's Address:

  1. Locate the Contact
  2. View the Contact
  3. Click Edit Contact in the top right corner
  4. Under Address, change the Type to Work or Billing
  5. Click Save Contact
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