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Issue: Excess Payment Amounts Not Recorded When Applied as Total Payment


  • Due to an issue that has since been resolved, between September 23rd and November 19th, 2020, if a total payment amount was recorded for a client that exceeded the total outstanding balance, the excess amount would not have been recorded


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • Overpayments are allowed at the matter level and can be applied on individual invoice items when recording payments.


This issue has been resolved, but if between September 23rd and November 19th, 2020, a total payment amount larger than the total open balance for a client was entered, the excess amount was not recorded.



What if I intended to record an overpayment?

If you intentionally recorded an overpayment on an invoice item, your overpayment will have been saved correctly and be reflected in the transaction tab on your matter and client. If you attempted to record an overpayment through the total payment amount for your client, the excess amount will not have been saved. 

To ensure no intentional overpayments were missed on your bills, we recommend checking the value of your contact transactions within Clio against the values maintained in your accounting system of record.

Our Support team can provide assistance in identifying the IDs of the bills and clients that may have been affected. You can check your records in Clio by referencing the transactions tab under your client and ensuring any overpayments you expect to be present are reflected there. 

To reconcile your data if an overpayment is missing, you can record a new transaction with the overpayment amount as a client level bank transaction


What if I accidentally entered a payment amount larger than the total open balance?

As no excess amounts were recorded in the system, accidental payment amounts larger than the total open balance of the bill would not be recorded. No action is required. 


Which scenarios could this have occurred in?

Payments recorded using the green Create New button, the Record Payments button on the Billing page, or from the Outstanding Balances tab under Billing may have been affected. Payments recorded through the Matters, Contacts, or from the individual Bill page are not affected.  


How do I record an overpayment to a bill?

Overpayments to bills can be applied in specific scenarios outlined here: 

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