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Can I email a Form link to Multiple Parties to Complete?


  • How to send intake form to multiple clients in Clio Grow
  • How to CC a contact when sending intake form in Clio Grow
  • How to CC in Clio Grow


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Not at this time.

When preparing the form and the Share Form Link With Contact option is selected, you will see a dropdown field called Which contact will fill out this form?. Only 1 contact can be selected. Whoever is selected in this dropdown field to receive the form can access, fill out the form, and will receive the completed email. The default is Contact 1 (when using Multiple Contacts Per Intake Form). 

If you want to give both parties access to completing the same Form, as a workaround, you can look to cc the second contact on the email that is sent. You would need to make it clear in the email template that the link for the form is the same for both people and it shouldn't be officially 'submitted' until it is completely filled out. Please note that the confirmation email with a copy of the completed form will not be sent to the cc contact. 


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