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Xero Hard Cost/Disbursements Exporter | Accounting in Clio Manage

What is the Hard Cost/Disbursements Exporter Xero Enhancement?

We’ve enhanced our integration with Xero to automatically record a spend money transaction when you enter hard costs/Disbursements in Clio Manage. This will eliminate the need to manually log entries in both platforms, while reducing costly accounting errors and allow you to maximize your time.


What is a “spend money” transaction in Xero?

A “spend money” transaction is one of two ways that you can record billable expenses in Xero. You can read more about spend money transactions on Xero’s Resource Center.

Spend money transaction fields

Descriptions of some of the spend money fields to help customers enter their transactions.




Item (Optional)

An inventory item. Select an existing item or add a new item.

Amounts are

How to account for sales tax. Selecting Tax Inclusive includes tax in the total. Selecting Tax Exclusive adds tax to the total.


The quantity of the item you've bought.

Unit Price

The price of the item.


An account (from your chart of accounts) to code the transaction to. Select an existing account or add a new account.

  • The bank account must have a code to appear in the dropdown (add code)

Tax Rate

Tax on the transaction (required only if you've selected Amounts are Tax Exclusive or Tax Inclusive).

(Optional) Adjust the sales tax amount.



Is the ‘Vendor’ field required when creating hard costs?

Yes. The vendor field is a requirement in Xero when creating “spend money” transactions and we therefore make it required when you enable hard cost syncing with Xero. If you have not enabled hard cost syncing (or have disabled it), then the vendor field will no longer be required. 


What happens if I update my hard cost in Clio Manage?

Clio will sync with Xero approximately every 15 minutes. If you update the hard cost before the next sync then it will be created with the updates.

If the hard cost has already synced, Clio will update it with the necessary information unless you have reconciled the transaction in Xero. Xero will block updates on reconciled transactions.


Will Clio sync hard costs that I have already created?

A start date is required to enable hard cost syncing between Clio Manage and Xero. All hard costs created since the start date will be synced to Xero. Even those that were created previously.


What happens if I update my hard cost in Xero?

The sync between Clio Manage and Xero is only one way, meaning updates in Xero will not be reflected in Clio. However hard cost entries you make in Clio will be reflected in transactions in Xero (Note: Xero will block updates on reconciled transactions).


What happens if I delete my hard cost in Clio? 

Syncs between Cio and Xero happen approximately every 15 minutes. Therefore If you delete the hard cost entries in Clio Manage before the next sync - it will not be reflected in Xero. However If the hard cost has already synced then you will need to manually delete the hard cost in Xero. We recommend checking within your Xero account to ensure the transaction was not synced, and delete it if it was.


What happens if there is an error in the sync within Clio Manage

Hard cost sync errors can be viewed in the same section as Bill sync errors on the Xero Settings screen.




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