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Why won't Clio Launcher Work on new Device?


  • Why does Clio Launcher already show as installed?
  • Use Clio Launcher on a new device
  • Unable to use Clio Launcher on a new device
  • Install Clio Launcher on a new PC or Mac


  • Clio Manage
  • Web Browser

Additional Information:

  • Browsers tend to save passwords, logins and downloaded information, so when using a new device (computer or laptop) Clio Launcher may already show as installed on said device's browser.


Go to (or in another Browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox etc..) that you have yet to use Clio in and open a document via the Clio Launcher there.  Where now, it should instead be a "grey box" (as it should be, in order to be installed), so simply proceed to install as normal as per Clio Launcher Installation.



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