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Worldox Integration


Law firms leveraging Clio Manage require a simple and effective way to view Matter documents from Worldox and synchronize Client and Matter data from Clio Manage to Worldox.

Key Features:

  • Clio Manage is the single source to create matters
  • Automatically synchronize Client and Matter data from Clio Manage to Worldox eliminating duplication errors and saving time by not requiring the creation of two separate records
  • Once a matter is created in Clio Manage, it automatically syncs to Worldox
  • Documents are accessible directly from Clio Manage


Technology Requirements
Worldox Integration Pricing
How to Enable the Worldox Integration with Clio Manage
Common Questions

Technology Requirements

  • Worldox requirements: Worldox Web 3.1 (or greater) hosted on-premises or in the cloud (all browsers)

Worldox Integration Pricing

  • $5 per license per month based on the number of Clio licenses owned by your firm plus a $600 setup fee
  • Additional setup fees may apply for custom setups
  • GDSI, the Worldox integration app developer, provides integration set up and bills directly

How to Enable the Worldox Integration with Clio Manage

Common Questions

My firm is currently using Clio to manage documents, and we want to implement Worldox in addition to Clio, can we migrate Clio documents into Worldox?

Yes. GDSI can assist in exporting the documents from Clio and coordinate the import with a Worldox consultant as an additional service.


Can I use Clio Connect to send documents managed by Worldox to clients?

No. At this time, Clio Connect cannot be used to securely share documents outside your firm if documents are not stored directly in Clio Manage.


Will my existing Worldox cabinets synchronize with Clio Manage?

Yes.  GDSI will map Worldox cabinet fields with corresponding Clio Manage fields during setup.


Will I see my Worldox cabinets in the Documents tab in Clio Manage?

No.  Documents stored in Worldox will not be accessible from the Documents tab either within a matter or on the main menu Documents tab.  Once the integration is set up, a new button within each matter is created called More Actions.  The cabinet in Worldox created by GDSI during mapping integration will be accessible by clicking More Actions and will navigate to GDSI's Worldox Web app where documents are searchable within Worldox.


Do I create my matter in Clio Manage or Worldox?

New matters are created in Clio Manage which will automatically sync to Worldox.



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