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Clio Manage Requirements


  • What are the minimum hardware and software requirements to run Clio Manage? 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

Although not a requirement, if you want to file your emails and/or sync a calendar, please refer to the following articles, depending on your provider:

  • Google Calendar:
    Not version specific

  • Gmail Email Filing:
    Works with the New Gmail Interface and the Classic Gmail interface

  • Outlook Calendar Sync:
    To use this integration, you must have an Office 365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise account that includes Outlook calendars. Office 365 Business Standard includes calendars, but non-standard Office 365 does not.

  • Outlook Email Filing:
    - The Clio Add-in is only available to Outlook Desktop 2013 or higher with an Office 365 Business Standard subscription.

    - The Clio Add-in only works with Microsoft-backed email accounts. Though you can view email accounts from other providers in Outlook, you cannot use the Add-in with these emails.

    - The Clio Add-in is not supported on Exchange Servers hosted by a third party or Accounts not acquired through Microsoft such as GoDaddy.

  • Clio Launcher
    - Will not work on a remote or terminal server
    - Will not function properly on some Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, see note below
    - Will not work on computers running Ubuntu (Linux)


Clio is a cloud based software that works anywhere you have an internet connection, browser, computer, or mobile device. With that said, please see the below recommendations: 


Internet Speed:
We do not have any recommended minimum for internet speeds when accessing Clio. That being said, we can say that from our experience anything below 30 MBps can see less than ideal load speeds, and the faster a connection, generally the better.



Clio is designed to be functional with as many web browsers as possible. That being said, Clio is also relatively demanding because of its many security features. Because of this, some legacy web browsers will not be able to support Clio, but the 2 most recent versions of all the major modern web browser will be supported.

For a list of Supported browsers and the minimum requirements please click here.

Please be advised that support for Internet Explorer will be dropped on August 17, 2021



In order to run Clio, you will need:

NOTE: Please ensure that your browser is up-to-date, and add to your firewall's whitelist. 

NOTE on Microsoft Surface Pro - Some Surface Pro tablets (such as the Surface Pro X) use an ARM processor that is not compatible with the Clio Launcher application. 

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