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Clio Documents not Appearing in OneDrive 24hrs After Sync


  • Why are my Clio Documents not Appearing in OneDrive?


  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft OneDrive

Additional Information:

  • If the Sync Icon 1563544424981.jpgis showing, then the sync is working but is delayed due to the overall size of files being synced over.


Attempt a manual Document Sync, to confirm the connection between Clio & OneDrive.  Steps to do so can be found here.  If the Document is found in OneDrive, then the sync is working and simply needs more time to process and complete.


If you are unable to locate the File then the Sync needs to be re-initiated, to do so:


  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click into Documents
  3. Click on Document Sources
  4. Scroll down to the OneDrive integration 
  5. Click on Configure
  6. Click on Unlink
  7. Complete a Browser Cache Clear
  8. Re-Link Document Source by completing steps 1-6 (6 should instead be Link)



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