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What are my Options for Adding more Esignatures in Clio Manage


  • I need more e-signatures in Clio Manage


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • At this time we do not offer individual packages for more signatures in Clio Manage. If you would like this option added, please submit your request via email at



There are two options to get more e-signatures in Clio Manage.

  1. Upgrade to the Elite plan, you will then have unlimited signatures (under reasonable circumstances).
  2. You may add another user to your account to receive another 10 e-signatures pooled together in your account. Each additional user grants the account 10 additional e-signatures monthly. Just note that you will need to use a different email address for the new user (if you are adding a placeholder user). You can then remove the license before your billing period if you no longer need the additional signatures the following month. Here are the steps to deactivate a user


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