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How to Permanently Delete a Matter Folder on Dropbox?


  • How to Permanently Remove a Matter Folder on Dropbox?
  • When I Delete a Duplicative Matter Folder in Dropbox, Clio Keeps on Recreating that Matter Folder


  • Clio Manage
  • Dropbox

Additional Information:

  • To Learn How to Change the Matter Status on Clio Manage, click here


Clio will create a Matter folder when the Primary Subscriber configures Dropbox to "Synchronize matters with a status of Open, Open and Pending, or All". 


  1. Click on Settings on the lefthand side in Clio Manage 
  2. Click on Documents 
  3. Click on Document Sources subtab 
  4. Click Configure Dropbox
  5. Under Synchronize matters with a status of select either Open or Open and Pending
  6. Click Save Changes
  7. Find the Matter in Clio Manage 
  8. Click on Edit Matter
  9. Select a "Closed Date" to close the Matter
  10. Save Matter 
  11. Go to the cloud-based Dropbox, and delete the Matter Folder 

Please note: Only the Primary Subscriber can change this Setting in Clio Manage.


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