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Where Can My Clients View Secure Messages I Send Them via the Clio Mobile App?


  • Are Secure Messages from the Clio Mobile App Sent to Clients via Clio Connect or the Clio for Clients App?
  • I would like to send a message from the Clio Mobile App to my client, where will they see the message?
  • Can I default the messages sent from the Clio Mobile App to Clio for Clients? 


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Mobile App
  • Clio Connect
  • Clio for Clients

Additional Information:

  • Clio for Clients is a client facing mobile app, while the Clio Mobile App is for Clio users wishing to take actions within Clio while on the go - read more about the Clio Mobile App.
  • Please note Clio for Clients  is currently in early access only and will be available soon for all Clio Manage customers - read more here
  • If you are the client of a law firm and wish to learn more about Clio for Clients and how to use it, please see here.
  • Clio Connect is our client web portal - see more here
  • See also: Secure Messages in the Clio Mobile App


Messages that originate in the Clio Mobile App, will be sent to clients via Clio Connect

If the message thread sent on the web via Clio for Clients, the firm user will be able to reply to the thread in the Clio Mobile App and it will go to the client via Clio for Clients. 

New message threads in the Clio Mobile App will not go to Clio for Clients by default at this time. 

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