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EvolveVoucher seamlessly integrates with eVoucher, uploading your data into the Criminal Justice Act electronic billing system in minutes, saving you time & frustration. See website.

Key Features:

  • EASY - EvolveVoucher is easy to download & install. Up and running in minutes. It walks you through, step-by-step.
  • EFFICIENT- Upload your billing slips to eVoucher in minutes, not hours. The application remembers your activity/slip codes for future use and automatically links them for you. No more duplicate data entry.
  • SECURE - Your slips go directly into CJA's eVoucher. We never touch them. You upload directly from your computer to eVoucher using a local application.
  • DESIGNED BY A CJA ATTORNEY - This application was built out of the frustration we all share over evoucher: slow, buggy, and time consuming. Now entirely owned & operated by a practicing CJA Attorney.


How to Connect evolveVoucher with Clio
How to Use evolveVoucher with Clio
evolveVoucher Support

How to Connect evolveVoucher with Clio

The evolveVoucher integration is an export/import. Nothing additional is required to connect the two. Simply follow the instructions below. 

However, to best use evovleVoucher, you will want to set time and expense categories you can attribute to your slips. These categories can then be mapped in evolveVoucher to speed your data entry. Instructions to Create Activity Categories

How to Use evolveVoucher with Clio

  1. In Clio, navigate to Activities in the left main menu
  2. Click the Export button at the bottom of the table and select CSV to export your time and expense entries to a spreadsheet
    • Tip: if you'd like to filter for time that has not yet been billed in Clio, click Filters in the top right hand corner and select Unbilled from the Invoice Status dropdown menu 
  3. Once it's downloaded, in evolveVoucher, click Add New Bill
  4. Follow the instructions here to import the CSV from Clio

See screenshots and more information about this process here and watch a video here

evolveVoucher Support

Find evolveVoucher User Guides on their website or contact their team by email at

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