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What are the Options to Aggregate Line Items on a Bill per Day?


  • Can the Aggregate line items on a single bill be split by day?


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Additional Information:


Currently, Aggregating line items on a bill will combine everything into a single line item.
Below are workarounds if you would like to have time entries aggregated on a bill per day.

Option 1: Enter One Time Entry Per Day

  1. From the applicable Matter, or your method of entering in time, create 1 time entry per day with the total hours worked
  2. (Optional) In the time entry description, write what was worked on and either during or at the end of the day edit the time entry duration to total the amount of hours worked
  3. (Optional) Next to each item in the description, you can input the number of hours/minutes worked on that specific item in brackets
  4. Generate the bill
  5. From the Detail level options, choose All details

Option 2: Track Time Per Entry and Include Invoice Memo

This option will aggregate all items into 1 line regardless of the day, but allows you to include additional custom information 

  1. Enter in time for each billable item
  2. Generate your bill
  3. Choose Aggregate (steps here)
  4. Add an Invoice note before sending to the client of the days or any other applicable details needed (the memo will appear at the bottom of the bill, steps here)

Option 3: Consider using Activity Categories and summarize by category when generating the bill (creating fewer line items on a bill)


To vote for this feature, please contact the Support Team.

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