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Custom Field Data is Not Appearing on an Automated Document


  • Matter custom field text is not showing when I use an document template
  • Merge field data is not displaying when I run an automated document
  • When I create a document from a template, the text from a custom field is not showing


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


  • Custom Field Merge Field was not correctly copied into Document Automation Template.
  • This issue can also occur if a Custom Field has been created, "soft" deleted, and then recreated with the exact same name.
      • More specifically, this occurs because of how the custom field was deleted. At the time a custom field is deleted, there is a checkbox displayed that says, "Remove this custom field from any matter currently using it" (see image below).
      • If this is checked, there will not be a problem because the custom field and any text/data entered within a matter was deleted.
      • If this is left unchecked, then the system only "soft" deleted the custom field. That means the custom field will not appear on the Custom Fields page but will appear on any matter using it.
      • To put this all together: at the time you create an Automated Document, Clio's system will search your account for any custom fields to display on the document. The first custom field it will find is the one you "soft" deleted but because it was deleted, any text entered within that field will not appear on the Automated Document.



Rename the Custom Field that is not appearing on the Automated Document. If the wording is important, adding a single period to the name can also resolve the issue.


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