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Why Do I have Unbilled Activities under Work in Progress when the Matter is Non-billable?


  • Why are there unbilled activities on a non-billable Matter?
  • Why is there an amount under Work in Progress on the Matter Dashboard when it's supposed to be non-billable?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • This issue occurs when using a 3rd party integration called "WiseTime". The Time Entries are marked as non-billable by default when you go to edit them.


  • If you made the Matter non-billable after you've added activities, these will show as needing to be billed under Work in Progress.
  • For Time Entries, you can mark them as non-billable when you go to edit them.
  • For Expenses, you can delete and re-create them.
  • Once the activities are created in a non-billable Matter, they shouldn’t result in showing up under Work in Progress.


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