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Does the Statement of Account Show Payments Received on Outstanding Balances?


  • Does the "Payments Received" section on the Statement of Account apply to the Outstanding Balance or just the "New Charges" balance?
  • When enabling the Statement of Account in Bill Themes, will it show payments made on new and previous bills? 


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • The Detailed Statement of Account does provide more information if you were interested in seeing all the payments made on other outstanding invoices as well.
  • For information on setting up the Statement of Account, see the Bill Themes article here.


No, the Statement of Accounts does not show payments made on Outstanding Balances.

The "Payments Received" header refers to payments made on the current bill. If payment is made on a previous bill, that payment will simply result in a reduction of the "Outstanding Balance" included in the Statement of Account. 


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