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When do Bill Reminders Get Sent When Turning On The Feature After I Issued the Bill?


  • How does the Automated Bill Reminders feature send cycle work? 
  • What is the schedule for Bill Reminders?


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:


The bill reminder emails get sent out based on the scheduled settings and the bill's issue date.

For example: If your bill was issued January 1st and your settings are set to send a reminder 15 days after a bill is issued and repeats every 15 days until the outstanding balance is paid, the sending sequence will look like this regardless of when the Automatic Bill Reminders feature gets turned on for that client:


January 1st: Issue Date of the Bill

January 16th: 1st Reminder Email

January 31st: 2nd Reminder Email

February 15th: 3rd Reminder Email

And so on...


If you had just turned on the feature anytime between February 1st and February 14th, the bill reminder will not send out until February 15th as per our example above. 

When turning on the Automatic Bill Reminders, the Bills will be sent within 15 days unless the settings are changed from the system default. If you want your clients to receive the reminder right away then you can click on the Send button beside the Bill.

NOTE: if the client has multiple outstanding bills, the earliest bill will be the one used as a reference to calculate from. In the example above, January 1st would have been the earliest outstanding bill.

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