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Unable to Disburse Trust Funds


  • Why can't I disburse funds from trust?
  • Clio won't let me disburse funds from trust
  • Clio closes disburse funds menu but does not disburse the funds


  • Clio Manage

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If the Matter associated with the Trust funds has been deleted, it will cause an issue as the user attempts to disburse the funds. Restoring the matter and attempting to disburse the funds from that restored matter will resolve the issue.


1. Click Settings

2. Click Recovery Bin

3. Use the Filter button on the right-hand side and then click the drop-down menu under Type, selecting Matter

4. Once the Matter has been restored, view that Matter

5. Click Transactions

6. Select the Trust Account using the drop-down menu under Transactions 

7. Click Disburse Funds

8. Enter in the required fields and click Record Transaction to disburse the funds.


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