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Why do the Collected Columns for Time and Expense not Match on the Revenue Report and the Originating Attorney Report?


  • To determine why the collected amounts in time and expenses on the two reports differ but add up to the same amount of revenue collected.


  • Clio Manage 

Additional Information:


The numbers may differ because the Originating Attorney Revenue Report will report on Matters that the User is the Originating Attorney for, including Activities from other Users, the Revenue Report will report on all Users time. 

The Originating Attorney Revenue Report reports on partial payments differently than the Revenue Report.  On the OA Revenue report partial payments are applied to oldest activities first and work down sequentially to the newest activities. Partial payments, credit notes and whole-invoice discounts will result in newer activities remaining uncollected and thus not being accounted for on this report. 

On the Revenue Report, when a partial payment has been applied, under Collected we will see the payment evenly applied across Time, Expense, and Tax columns.


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