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Clicking A Phone Number Link In Clio Does Not Open The Correct Program


  • Phone numbers open wrong program
  • Phone numbers aren't opening Dialpad
  • How to change the program when phone numbers are clicked


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  • Phone numbers in Clio use a standard "tel" link. In most cases, the default program assigned to telephone numbers will be used to call the number clicked. This can vary depending on the operating system and browser used. Firefox uses its own settings instead of the default system settings.


In MacOS (for Chrome and Safari):

  1. Open the FaceTime App
  2. Log into your AppleID account if you have not done so
  3. Click Facetime and then Preferences in the Menu Bar
  4. Change the "Default for calls" setting to your prefered program for phone calls

In Windows 10 (for Chrome and Safari):

  1. Click the search in the Task Bar
  2. Search for "Choose a default app for each protocol"
  3. In the list find "TEL"
  4. Click the program listed on the right
  5. Choose your prefered program for phone calls

In Firefox (Windows and MacOS):

  1. Open Preferences (Mac) or Options (Windows)
  2. Click General
  3. Scroll down to "Applications"
  4. Under "Content Type" find "tel"
      • This will only appear if a "tel" link has been opened through Firefox already
  5. Click on the option beside this under the "Action" column to change your preference
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