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Can you Bulk Import Company Contacts and Employees from Clio Manage to Clio Grow?


  • Add Company contacts from Clio Manage into Clio Grow so there aren't duplicates  


  • Grow

Additional Information:

  • Use the steps here to Import Contacts into Clio Grow


Yes! When preparing the Clio Grow Contact Import Spreadsheet (more info here) the following should be considered to import Company contacts:

  • Leave the First Name and Last Name columns blank for the Company Contact row, but enter the Company's Name in the Company column  
  • For any employees or points of contact that should be associated with the aforementioned Company once imported, the Person contact must have a First Name and Last Name. Enter the Company name (must match the Company's name in its' row) in the Company column and optionally a Title. 

In the example screenshot below, Lory Lumber is an employee at Cinzia's T-Shirts. Based on this spreadsheet, Clio Grow will import 2 contacts:

  • (1) Cinzia's T-Shirts as a Company and
  • (2) Lory Lumber as a Person and Employee under the Company.  

Clio Grow also knows these Contacts are linked to existing Clio Manage Contacts since both rows have the ID column populated. 



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