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If I Don't Have a Contact 2 When Preparing a Form in Clio Grow, What Would I Input for Contact 2?


  • If Contact 2 is required on the prepare form when creating an intake from the matter, what I can put in that field?


  • Clio Grow

Additional Information:

  • For additional information on preparing a form in Clio Grow click here


If you do not yet have information for Contact 2 within a matter there are a few workarounds: 

  • Send Contact 2 the intake form through the link: 
    1. Go to Forms on the left-hand side
    2. Select the Form Contact 1 needs to complete
    3. Copy the URL here:

  • Create a Contact 2 within the Matter:
    1. Go to the Matter
    2. Scroll down to the bottom
    3. Select Add a contact
    4. Add contact First Name and Last Name only
    5. E-mail is not needed for Contact 2
    6. Click Add & Close
    7. Select this Contact for Contact 2 when you click Prepare Form

  • Ask Primary Contact for opposing contact's first/last name for the Prepare Form window



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