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Dealing With Clio Payments Chargebacks


  • How to deal with a credit card chargeback from LawPay for a Clio Payment
  • Removing a Clio Payment from a bill due to a chargeback


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

  • The payment that this chargeback was associated with will still remain in Clio as a "Completed" payment, but can be removed from any bills it may be associated with by Clio Support. 
  • Please contact LawPay Support with any questions you may have about the chargeback.


  • Do NOT process a refund for any chargebacks you receive from LawPay. This will complete another refund to the credit card. LawPay processes chargeback refunds as a separate transaction.
  • Contact Clio Support to have the payment removed from any bills that it may be associated with.


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