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Error: 'Cannot Edit This Document Because This Selection Is Locked' When Opening Word Document Within Clio Launcher to Edit

Issue :

  • When opening a Word document through Clio Launcher to edit, it has the error message "You cannot edit this document because the selection is locked"


  • Clio Launcher


When opening a locked Word document, it will throw this error in Clio Launcher. 


This message can be triggered by these issues:


1. Your Office is not activated or you are using a trial version of Office that has expired. 

  • Solution: Activate Office. Go to File > Account to activate it.
    If your subscription expired, you'll need to purchase Office and activate.  


2.  You have more than one version of Office installed and one version is not activated. 

  • Solution: Uninstall the version you do not have a license for.
  • To uninstall Office, open Control Panel, find Programs and Features. Find Office in the list of installed programs. If you have 2 copies of Microsoft Office, uninstall the one that was installed first.  Repair the remaining Office install.
  • If you are using Windows 10 you can Open Settings > Apps & Features and look for the Office installation. 

3. Protection is applied to all or part of the document.

  • Solution: In the Review ribbon tab, click Restrict Editing (under Protect) and see if protection has been applied. If it has, then unprotect it.





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