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How to Share Documents With a Clio Connect Contact's New E-mail


  • Clio is still using the same e-mail for my contact, how do I share documents with their new e-mail?


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If a contact previously had Clio Connect with an e-mail, and you update their information with a new e-mail, they will still have their Clio Connect account associated with that older e-mail. If the Contact cannot disable their Clio Connect account themselves, it will remain attached to the old e-mail.

The workaround for this is to create a secondary contact with the new e-mail. You can name this secondary contact with a similar name, but it cannot be the exact same as it will overwrite it. Please follow these steps below:

  1. Create a secondary Contact with a slightly different name OR update the other Contact with a slightly different name so they do not match
  2. Add the new e-mail to this new Contact
  3. Share document with new Contact
  4. They will then be able to create a new Clio Connect account with their new e-mail
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