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How Do I Reset the Blue Clio Launcher Icon/Button Back to Grey?


  • Re-install Clio Launcher


  • Clio Manage
  • Clio Launcher

Additional Information:

This article is for Google Chrome only. This can be done in other browsers, but the steps will be slightly different.


  1. In Chrome, right-click anywhere on the screen
  2. Click Inspect
  3. Click the two right arrows on the header
  4. Select Application
  5. If it is not already expanded, under "Local Storage", select the right arrow icon
  6. Click
  7. Under the Key column, right-click clio.launcher.installed
  8. Click Delete
  9. Close the Inspector (there is an x in the top-right corner)
  10. Refresh the page


  1. Perform a cache and cookie clear in your browser (see here)


  1. Access Clio through an Incognito window (see here)


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