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How Do I Keep My Manage and Grow Accounts Separate?


  • On login, I am being prompted to link my Manage and Grow accounts for Single Sign-On (SSO). I don't want to link them, how can I keep them separate?
  • How can I prevent the Single Sign-On prompt from appearing when signing in?


  • Clio Manage (NA Server)

Additional Information:

  • Clio is introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for user accounts with matching email logins.  On sign-in to Manage, users who have matching email logins for Manage and Grow will be prompted to link their accounts to use SSO and select a new password that will apply to both applications.  This will enable users to maintain a single set of credentials for their Clio apps and move more seamlessly between Manage and Grow. 
  • Note that under section 3.2 of the Clio Terms of Service, each authorized user must have their own unique username, that cannot be shared with anyone else.


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