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Issue: Two Contacts With the Same Name Both Going Under the Same Folder in Dropbox


  • Why are two contacts going into the same folder? 
  • Can I use the same name for two contacts?
  • Can't find contact in dropbox
  • Folder not created in Dropbox for an Associated Matter
  • Missing Folder for a Matter / Client in DropBox


  • Clio Manage
  • Dropbox


There are two clients with the same exact First and Last name but different email addresses in Clio. When it syncs over to Dropbox, Dropbox can't tell the difference between the two names and it will assume it is the same client causing all the files of the newer contact to go into the folder of original contact.



Change the name order (put the first name as last name and last name as the first name) on the newer contact, that way a new folder is created and OneDrive will think it's a different person. 


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