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Dropbox is not Creating a New Folder for a Contact who has the Same First and Last Name as Another Contact


  • Clio is not creating a separate folder for a different contact with the same name as another contact that already exists in my Clio account.


  • Clio Manage


This is caused by the contact having the same first and last name.


We are currently looking for a permanent fix for this but for the time being we recommend the following workaround:

  1. Rename the contact in Clio, you could simply add an extra letter or a number at the end of the first or last name
  2. Go to the contact's matter and click on the documents tab at the top
  3. Click the Dropbox tab and there should be an option to create a folder in there
  4. Once you create the folder, you can then rename the contact in Clio to what it originally was
  5. Dropbox should then show the contact as FirstName LastName (2)


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