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Can I Move a Clio Payment from One Contact to Another if There is a Duplicate?


  • Can Clio Payments be moved from contact to contact, when there is a duplicate?


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No, Clio Payments cannot be moved. However, here are some workarounds:

  • If there is an Edit button next to the Clio Payment on the main Clio Payments page, then you can change Client/Contact. If the Edit button is there and before you do this step, please edit the name of one of the Contacts so that it distinguishes one from the other for easy visual and then you can choose the correct Client/Contact.
  • If there is no Edit button next to that particular Clio Payment, the one option is to link the Matter to the Contact that has the Clio Payment. However, before you do this, you'd need to check the Contact to see if there is any information under the subtabs before choosing to do this option.
  • If there is no Edit button for the Clio Payment and if it's not viable to change the Contacts for the Matter, the last option is to delete the Contact that that has the Clio Payment. From the Contact level, disburse the Trust Funds making note of why you're doing so (moving to the matter). On the Matter, record a New Transaction under the Trust account making note of why you're depositing the amount (transferring from a duplicate contact).

    The goal is to delete one of the duplicate contacts and make sure all the relevant information resides under the one Contact and Matter going forward.


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