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Edits made in Clio Launcher not saving after computer screen times out

Objective / Issue / Question (choose one):

  • Made changes to a document through Clio Launcher and edits have not been saved
  • The computer has timed out, gone into idle or sleep mode
  • Clio Launcher edits
  • Recovery of file inexplicably unsaved by Clio Launcher
  • A document is left open too long and after the computer has gone into sleep mode, Clio Launcher does not update the version despite manual saves (ctrl+s)


  • Clio Manage

Additional Information:

For further information on using Clio Launcher, please see the following:


At present, when a computer goes into sleep mode, any changes that have been made will not be saved back into Clio. However, if you'd like to see these changes be saved when a computer goes to sleep mode, please do let Support know, and we can pass on your feedback.


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