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List of EW UTBMS Activity Categories and UTBMS Task Codes Within Clio


  • Is there a list of EW UTBMS codes and activity categories?


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Additional Information:


Activity Categories:

A101 Plan and prepare for
A102 Research
A103 Draft/Revise
A104 Review/Analyze
A105 Communicate (internally within legal team)
A106 Communicate (with client)
A107 (UK) Communicate (Other Party(s)/other outside lawyers)
A107 Communicate (Other outside counsel)
A108 Communicate (other external)
A109 Appear For/Attend
A110 Manage Data/Files
A111 Other
A112 Billable Travel Time
A113 Communicate (witnesses)
A114 Communicate (experts)
A129 (UK) Communicate (with Outside Counsel)

UTBMS Task Codes:

JA10 Funding

JB10 Budgeting - own side's costs 
JB20 Budgeting - Precedent H 
JB30 Budgeting - between the parties 

Initial and Pre-action protocol
JC10 Factual investigation 
JC20 Legal investigation 
JC30 Pre-action protocol (or similar) work 

ADR / Settlement 
JD10 Mediation 
JD20 Other Settlement Matters 

Issue / Statements of Case 
JE10 Issue and Serve Proceedings and Preparation of Statement(s) of Case 
JE20 Review of Other Party(s)' Statements of Case 
JE30 Requests for Further Information 
JE40 Amendment of Statements of Case 

JF10 Preparation of the disclosure report and the disclosure proposal 
JF20 Obtaining and reviewing documents 
JF30 Preparing and serving disclosure lists 
JF40 Inspection and review of the other side’s disclosure for work undertaken after exchange of disclosure lists. 

Witness statements 
JG10 Taking, preparing and finalizing witness statement(s) 
JG20 Reviewing Other Party(s)' witness statement(s) 

Expert reports 
JH10 Own expert evidence 
JH20 Other Party(s)' expert evidence 
JH30 Joint expert evidence 

Case and Costs Management Hearings 
JI10 Case Management Conference 
JI20 Pre Trial Review 
JI30 Costs Management Conference 

Interim Applications and Hearings (Interlocutory Applications) 
JJ10 Applications relating to originating process or Statement of Case or for default or summary judgment 
JJ20 Applications for an injunction or committal 
JJ30 Applications for disclosure or Further Information 
JJ40 Applications concerning evidence 
JJ50 Applications relating to Costs alone 
JJ60 Permission applications 
JJ70 All other types of application not covered by the categories above 

Trial preparation 
JK10 Preparation of trial bundles 
JK20 General work regarding preparation for trial 

JL10 Advocacy 
JL20 Support of advocates 
JL30 Judgment and post-trial activity 


Costs Assessment 
JM10 Preparing costs claim 
JM20 Points of dispute, Replies and Negotiations 
JM30 Hearings
JM40 Post Assessment Work (excluding Hearings)


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