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Why is Text Highlighted in Grey in my Word Document Generated from a Template?


  • Why is text still highlighted in grey after merging?


  • Clio Manage
  • Microsoft Office

Additional Information:

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It is because the text is within a field. To confirm that it is a field, press Alt+F9 to toggle on the display of field codes and see if your text is enclosed within a pair of field delimiters { }. Use Alt+F9 again to toggle off the display of the field codes.

If you do not want the text to be in a field, you can unlink the field by pressing Ctrl+Shift+F9 when you have the text selected.

Otherwise, you can turn off the field shading via File>Options>Advanced>Show document content and set the field shading to Never to turn it off completely or to When selected to show the shading when the selection is in a field.


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